When Irene and Nathan approached us to do their maternity and baby photos, we couldn’t be more happy to oblige! Having known the both of them for a long time, it was exciting to see how the little bub was developing and how thrilled yet a little nervous the couple was as due date approached. I guess nothing really prepares you for your first born. The unknown, the stories, the endless advice and opinions you hear and read in books and on the internet. I’m sure when baby Audrey finally arrived, there must have been a moment of such great joy and love for this new family. And then came the sleeplessness and lots of diaper changing. =P Despite the lack of sleep we sure hope that the two of you cherish these precious early moments together with your beautiful little daughter.

nathanirene11 nathanirene10 nathanirene12 nathanirene13 nathanirene33 nathanirene69 nathanirene38 nathanirene59 BabyAudrey1 BabyAudrey2 BabyAudrey3 BabyAudrey4 BabyAudrey5 BabyAudrey6 BabyAudrey7 BabyAudrey8