Meet Leon and Marianne, a very fun loving and whacky couple from Singapore. I got the chance to hang out with this lovely couple who made the trip all the way to Perth to do an engagement photo shoot. Being the start of winter, it was always going to be a bit of a gamble with the weather.  But on the day of the photo shoot, the weather couldn’t have been better! Sure, there were patches of rain here and there, but out of all that, we did get an amazing double rainbow! Here are some photos from the day. Congratulations to the both you!

LeonMarianne1 LeonMarianne2 LeonMarianne3 LeonMarianne4 LeonMarianne5 LeonMarianne6 LeonMarianne7 LeonMarianne8 LeonMarianne9 LeonMarianne10 LeonMarianne11 LeonMarianne12 LeonMarianne13 LeonMarianne14 LeonMarianne15 LeonMarianne16 LeonMarianne17 LeonMarianne18 LeonMarianne19 LeonMarianne20 LeonMarianne21