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Sonny’s Epic Proposal

I got a text message from my friend Sonny last week saying that he needed help. The text message goes on to say that he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend and needed help from his friends to make it happen. Now having seen countless youtube videos of extremely elaborate and amazing proposals (not to mention some really bad/cheesy ones as well), I couldn’t wait to see what my friend had in mind. Well, I’m pleased to say he didn’t disappoint and even managed to pull it off in spectacular style! With the army of helpers and a slightly nervous but cool Sonny choreographing and directing, things were looking pretty good.  After a few practice rounds to make sure it was perfect, then came the mad frantic rush from everyone into the house just as she pulls up to the front of the driveway earlier than expected!  She was truly surprised to say the least. More importantly, at the end of it all, she said YES! Congratulations to the both of you and thanks for letting me capture such a memorable event!

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Harrison’s 1st Birthday

Kid’s birthdays are hard work! Just the amount of time and work that goes into preparing all the yummy food and activities to keep the young ones happy and entertained, not to mention having to cater for the not so young ones (like the parents belonging to the kids and the parents friends).  I don’t know how people do it! I’m sure it’s worth it though, when you see your child enjoying all the attention and love from family and close friends.  Family and friends who will continue to be there and have a positive impact on the child as they grow up. They may not remember it, but when you look at the beaming faces of the two parents, you know they’re going to hear about it when they are older.  Of course it helps when there are photos to go along with those stories. =)

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KT Design

Katie from KT Design is a talented Perth based building designer and architect. This amazing residential property by KT Design is her latest work, which features a fully accessible and extremely functional home. The house has plenty of natural light and the huge windows and balcony on the top floor makes full use of the spectacular view overlooking the park and the city skyline. More information can be found at

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