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Michael and Vickie Bridal Shoot

Say hello to Michael and Vickie. James' friends from university and all round nice people. They got married more than six months ago and chose to have some extra bridal photos taken with us on a cloudy public holiday in September. Despite the cold, windy weather and the odd passing shower of rain, we had great fun capturing this beautiful couple! This is some of what we got up to... Love the love you can see in their eyes for each other! Both of them agreed it was a much less stressful affair doing a post wedding shoot rather than a rushed one on their wedding day! Thanks to Michael and Vickie for letting us capture them, for being so adventurous with all our crazy ideas and for being willing to tramp through all the bushes to get some of these shots. It was a really fun shoot and we hope you'll treasure these photos for the rest of your lives together!

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David and Osri

More than a month ago, James and I had the privilege of shooting David and Osri's wedding! They are fun loving couple, from different cultures and each with a family of their own already. It was incredible to see the two families come together to celebrate their wedding day. Osri's family all flew over from Indonesia and they involved each of their children in the bridal party. Even David's granddaughters got involved, almost stealing the show in their princess outfits! Special thanks must go to Danielle and Monica, the lovely bridesmaids for taking care of us the whole day, and to David and Osri for choosing us to capture your special day! We wish you and your new extended family all the very best for a very bright future together as husband and wife!

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Sonny and Justina

Remember Sonny and Justina from one of our earlier posts? We had the privilege to work with this two lovebirds once again, this time for an engagement shoot at several iconic land marks around Perth.  The two of them were real troopers, braving the cold early morning to catch the sunrise. Their fun, easy going nature and ability to just be themselves made our jobs behind the camera so much more easier as we breezed through the locations.  We hope the both of you had as much fun as we did and we wish you all the best for your wedding and future together as husband and wife! =)  

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Nathan and Irene

When Irene and Nathan approached us to do their maternity and baby photos, we couldn't be more happy to oblige! Having known the both of them for a long time, it was exciting to see how the little bub was developing and how thrilled yet a little nervous the couple was as due date approached. I guess nothing really prepares you for your first born. The unknown, the stories, the endless advice and opinions you hear and read in books and on the internet. I'm sure when baby Audrey finally arrived, there must have been a moment of such great joy and love for this new family. And then came the sleeplessness and lots of diaper changing. =P Despite the lack of sleep we sure hope that the two of you cherish these precious early moments together with your beautiful little daughter.

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The Chia Family

Remember Andrew and Stephanie from our last post? You can check out their pre-wedding session here. Andrew's entire immediate family plus little nephew also made the trip from Singapore for a family holiday so they thought why not have a family session as well? As you can see, they are such a warm and loving family! We had too much fun trying to make little Nathaniel smile for the camera as we enjoyed the surprisingly warm light that graced us that afternoon! We hope you enjoy these precious family moments!  

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Andrew and Stephanie

At the start of winter, James and I had the opportunity to shoot for a fun-loving couple, Andrew and Stephanie all the way from sunny Singapore! Travelling to Perth for a family holiday, they decided to squeeze in some pre-wedding photos in our fair city of Perth. It was a tad colder weather than what they were used to but they were so easy to work with nonetheless! Thanks Steph and Andrew for being so great to work with, we wish you both an amazing life together as husband and wife!

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Leon and Marianne

Meet Leon and Marianne, a very fun loving and whacky couple from Singapore. I got the chance to hang out with this lovely couple who made the trip all the way to Perth to do an engagement photo shoot. Being the start of winter, it was always going to be a bit of a gamble with the weather.  But on the day of the photo shoot, the weather couldn't have been better! Sure, there were patches of rain here and there, but out of all that, we did get an amazing double rainbow! Here are some photos from the day. Congratulations to the both you!

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A Doggy Day Out

A few weeks ago, we decided to go on a road trip to check out some new potential locations for a photo shoot. Since it was going to be outdoors, we asked a close knit group of friends and their canine companions if they would like to be our models. With car packed full with 3 dogs, 3 chatty friends and 2 photographers, we took off on our road trip. As the dogs happily embraced the outdoors, the girls busily chatted away while the cameras frantically clicked in the back ground. Here are some of the photos from an enjoyable outing in the park.

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Yvette and Simon say I do

James first met Yvette a few years ago at a mutual friend's wedding. She was one of the lovely bridesmaids and incredibly fun to shoot with. In that time, Lasting Joys was established and we were lucky enough to be asked to shoot for her wedding in April! When we first met up with Yvette and Simon, we could see they were a friendly, laid-back couple who wanted to celebrate their wedding by simply enjoying time with close family and friends. On the day of the wedding, Simon and Yvette had to both get ready at their reception venue. Yvette made every effort to keep Simon from seeing her but they each couldn't resist sticky-beaking when they had the chance! Yvette made her way to the ceremony with her Dad and bridesmaid, her sister Fiona in their mum's VW Kombi van, complete with rust spot painted over in a different shade of green, computer speakers plugged into the radio and custom made seat covers :) We then made our way around Jackadder Lake with Fiona and Mark, Simon's brother and best man for some bridal photos. As the sun came down, the reception began. Yvette's grandparents, Pam and David set up their backyard to hold a reception for all their guests, they had even gone to all the trouble to plant extra flowers in the garden the fortnight before the wedding. We think they did a great job not only fitting in all the guests but creating a cosy setting for everyone to enjoy the wedding reception together. We ended the night with some sparkler photos, special thanks to Mark and Katie for helping us make these shots happen! Yvette and Simon, thank you for [...]

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